Olivia Wu

Olivia found yoga through a few drop in classes in local studios and gyms, everytime enjoying the experience, but never sticking to any routine. Later in life, she moved a thousand miles away from Michigan to sunny Florida and rediscovered yoga. This time every part of the practice spoke to her. Connecting and hearing every breath, staying present in the moment, concepts that helped open the mind, allowed focus, created a clearer head and a happier heart. She made the decision to grow further in her practice, traveling to India and receiving her 200 hour teaching certification from the Arhanta Institute. Her time there was life changing. Removing any distractions the modern world afforded her, created an environment of growth, change, and confidence in her abilities. After leaving, she came home and began to teach. Helping students grow, sharing her passion is extremely rewarding and excites her each new day and class. Her style is challenging and always changing, to invigorate the mind and body.