Jennifer Thibodeau

Through continuous personal practice since 2008, Jennifer has discovered how yoga can heal the body, and significantly improve one’s health, both physically and mentally. Experiencing this profound transformation herself, has given Jennifer the passion to share yoga with others. Yoga has taught her to not only experience a greater physical strength, but to also experience an inherent calmness, a sense of awareness, and clarity. For Jennifer, being a teacher means to be an eternal student, continuing to learn through daily practice and teachings, while helping others along the way. Jennifer’s classes are playful, challenging and well balanced between strength and rest.

Jennifer received her 200 hour teacher training certificate through Prana Vinyasa in Tampa, Florida in 2011, and has taught at numerous studios in the Bay Area. She moved to California in 2012 where she continued to teach, and then to New Hampshire in 2014 for a job opportunity at a resort in the mountains. She returned to Florida in the fall of 2015 eager to get back into the studio. She works full time as a pastry chef, which provides her creativity and fulfills her love for food.