Haven Hennessey

Being born and raised here in Clearwater, I love this city! Other things I love: my husband, my two boys, my church, lifting heavy iron, helping people with their fitness goals, teaching group fitness, training clients, competing in bodybuilding figure competitions and PEANUT BUTTER! Who doesn't love PB?! I have a background in dance(ballet and modern) and directed a creative arts dance team for over 10yrs. My love for fitness came after my 2nd child was born and needed to loose some extra pounds. I started lifting and shed the weight in no time. As a result a new passion was born. My passion was focused into my 1st figure competition where I took 1st place! I've continued to compete ever since and am now a national level competitor. I am also a certified Les Mill's BodyPump instructor and GRIT small group trainer. I furthered my fitness career with my PT certification through ISSA. I love teaching Hot Body Sculpt, it infuses a little bit of everything I love into one class along with the challenging aspect of a heated room. If you're looking for a class that gives you that extra push, wanting to tighten and sculpt your body, then Hot Body Sculpt is your class! I dare you to join me!!